TV: Rizzoli and Isles – Season 7 Starts {Promo}

rizzoliandisles 2

Hi Everyone

TNT’s Procedural Drama Rizzoli and Isles returns tonight for its 7th and Final Season

“Two Shots: Move Forward”
“Dangerous Curve Ahead”

♥ Network   TNT Network

♥ Last Season   [6-18]  “Shot In The Dark”  When a state trooper is killed in Maine, the getaway car is traced back to the mastermind of the attacks on Jane. The team must now unravel the mystery of the mastermind’s obsession with Jane in order to keep her safe, and turn the hunter into the hunted.

♥ New Season   [7-01+02]   Following the incident at the bar, it seems that Nina was injured in the shooting and Maura had a head injury. Jane believes Alice Sands was involved and sets out to look for her, including announcing it to the press, who believe Alice shouldn’t have been allowed to escape. Jane mentions Alice’s insanity, a plan to lure her out of hiding, but draws a departmental reprimand. It is revealed Alice has inserted herself among tunnel dwellers that have aided in her revenge against Jane. Meanwhile, out of concern for Jane, Korsak delays his retirement and Angela breaks up with Ron

Jane discovers Alice had an “accountant”, someone who helped her smuggle drug money, but he is killed by the police before he can be questioned. However, Alice’s funds are now cut off, and Jane hopes this will surely cause her to surface. Jane asks a priest for forgiveness for her future actions. Maura finds bovine blood on the accountant’s clothing, leading to Alice’s arrest at a slaughterhouse. With no known evidence of Alice’s involvement in the shooting, she is later released. The team manages to connect her previous prison escape to the death of a state trooper. Alice takes a teenager hostage at gunpoint, forcing Jane to shoot her, which causes people to wonder if it was out of duty or in cold blood



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