TV: UnReal- Season 2 Starts {Promo}

TV - Unreal

Hi Everyone

Lifetime’s Drama UnReal returns tonight for its 2nd Season


♥ Network   Lifetime Network

♥ Last Season   [1-10] “Future” Quinn convinces Adam to call things off with Rachel, who soon plots an explosive Everlasting finale to both score ratings and avenge herself on him. Chet turns the tables on Quinn. As planned, Anna humiliates Adam on live television, Quinn humiliates Chet in front of the network—and then Jeremy, finally discovering what Rachel has been up to, humiliates her in front of the entire crew. Quinn and Rachel are left with only each other.

TV - UnReal 2

♥ New Season   [2-01]   Quinn has recently promoted Rachel to produce season 14 of Everlasting, and Rachel sets out to change history by casting the first African American suitor. When Chet arrives back on set to reclaim control of the show, Rachel and Quinn find the new suitor being swayed by Chet and his new vision.



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