💄 SIGNATURE 💄 Lip Butter Lipstick {beauty review}


Hi Everyone

Hope you all having a great week so far. I recently discovered the Signature brand when i was walking in Bayside Centre the other day. They basically sell dupes for all different brands, like urban decay and even the perfumes look almost the same as the originals, with a slightly different design and different name.

I am an addict when it comes to lipstick as you have probably noticed from past posts and my instagram feed. So when I saw these lip butters for R20 (!) i had to get a few to try them out


I’ll be honestly with a price tag of R20 i wasn’t expecting much but i really wanted to see what this South African brand was offering the public. Lets just i was not disappointed at all. *Fist Pump* I love it when a drugstore / SA brand get it right, especially when its so affordable.

The colour pay off is amazing! The Lip Butters really live up to their name. They are creamy and moisturizing. What surprised me even more was that its a lip stain as well. After a few hours of eating and drinking the colour fades slightly but also stains your lips without being patchy.

Even when trying to get the swatches off i had to scrub for like 15 mins before all signs of the lipstick were gone.

I would highly recommend these lip butter Lipsticks.






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