♥ BEAUTY BUZZ ♥ M.O.D Products {review}


Hi Everyone

I was strolling through Dis-Chem the other day when i spotted these 2 items on the shelves in between all the L.A Girl products. I was curious so i picked them up, the eye makeup remover caught my eye (haha) and i popped them both in my basket

I’m always on the look out for budget friendly products. I can’t justify paying R200-500 for a finishing / setting spray. I’ve previously tried the Woolworths Makeup Finishing spray, the L’oreal Infallible Fixing Mist and most recently the Essence Keep It Perfect! Makeup Fixing Spray.


M.O.D has quickly become my favourite of the lot. The finishing spray was tested to the max yesterday when it was pouring in Cape Town and i got stuck in the rain. Upon getting to shelter i went into the bathroom and dubbed my face dry. My makeup didn’t budge. Besides the very wet day yesterday, on previous occasions this spray keeps my face dry the whole day (+- 5am to about 8pm) with no oil residue coming through, and i have very oily skin.

It sells for R 85.00 for 100ml


The eye makeup remover remover gets a big thumbs up from me. Its no secret to whoever follows my blog or follows me on social media, that I’m a BIG supporter of the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to remove my makeup. But i do find it stings my eyes just a tiny bit so i was skeptical when it came to the M.O.D Eye Makeup Remover. It has 2 layers to it, a blue”water”at the bottom and a white gel “oil” like substance at the top. You shake the contents so they merge before using. I put a little bit on a cotton pad and wiped my eyes. No burning at all and my waterproof makeup came off without a fight. When done it feels like you’ve used vaseline on your eyes from the clear content but i dont mind, as it makes my eyelids/lashes feel moisturized

It sells for R 49.95 for 125ml


I was so surprised at how well these products worked. But i probably shouldn’t be surprised as Dis-Chem always deliver on such great quality. They never disappoint. I want to run back to Dis-Chem and stockpile these 2 items before i never see them again



5 thoughts on “♥ BEAUTY BUZZ ♥ M.O.D Products {review}

  1. The Avon Make Up Setting Spray is amazing too 😍, I recommend it to everyone. I will definitely try the M. O. D spray 🙌

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