TV: Unreal – Season 2 Ends {Season Finale}

Unreal 1

Hi Everyone

The Season 2 Finale of Unreal aired last night


“Friendly Fire”

Quinn and Rachel finally close the distance between them and team up to stop Coleman from destroying “Everlasting.” Coleman is determined to take down Quinn and “Everlasting” by exposing the dating show’s dirty secrets.

He takes Yael with him after the end of the show, presumably to confess to faking the documentary and ruin “Everlasting’s” reputation. But he doesn’t succeed in his plan when Jeremy, after finding out about his ex’s rape, takes matters into his own hands

Meanwhile, Darius gets blindsided during the finale night of “Everlasting” when the planned proposal became a wedding ceremony instead.

Quinn told both Tiffany and Chantal that they would be getting married to Darius, so they both wear wedding dresses to the event. A screen dividing the aisle keeps the women from discovering that the other is there until they both get to the altar, and a screaming match unsurprisingly ensues when Tiffany and Chantal find out the truth. But all’s well that ends well when Rachel and Jay manage to reunite Darius with Ruby, who was previously cut from the show.

Darius proposes to Ruby instead, but she turns him down, reasoning that they’ve only known each other for several weeks. However, Ruby tells him she has feelings for him and would like to explore their relationship away from the cameras.

But while Darius and Ruby get their fairytale ending, things are still shaky for the “Everlasting” crew, especially now that they will have to cover up two potential murders

*** Unreal has been renewed for a 3rd season airing 2017 ***


What did you think of the Season Finale?



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