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Hi Everyone

I am soooooo INLOVE with Lilli Makeup Boxes and in total i own 4 (3 types) and looking forward to getting more with my growing makeup collection

About:   Lilli Makeup Boxes has been found and created by a young “Glamourholic” Esme that saw an opportunity in the big (growing) world of makeup-obsessed woman for more affordable storage solutions. She offers a wide range of Makeup Storage Boxes, Nail Polish, Lipstick and Perfume Stands and sooo much more. All shapes and sizes and even custom designs



THE ROSE   Rotating square tower, 4 sides which comprimises of 3 rows across and 4 rows down and holding 48 lipsticks total- or if you want lipglosses, lipbalms or mascara’s

Price:  R 400.00




THE SHOOTING STAR   A slot type compact organizer that can hold 10 compacts – blush, highlighters and bronzers

Price:  R 150.00



img_3328 img_3329

THE VIOLET   A 7 step makeup organizer and my favourite out of all of the organizers. It has 7 compartments and a mini drawer underneath that can hold beauty blenders, hair clips, anything small and a hinged lid that you can close or leave open depending on the height of the items you store.

Price:  R 600.00



THE LILLY   2 Drawer makeup organizer with pullout knobs – Price:  R 450.00

THE PANSY   3 Drawer makeup organizer 2 bottom drawers with pullout knobs and top with a semi cut out drawer with a flip lid. What i love about this is that is that if store anything on top of the flip lid you don’t have to take it all off (as it has the drawer) to reach the compartment beneath like all the other organizers out there – Price: R 600.00


THE SNAPDRAGON   Is the bigger version of The Rose, with double the amount of slots to hold 96 lipsticks/lipbalms/lipglosses/mascara’s in total – Price:  R 600.00

THE LOTUS   A 2 tier stand that can hold all your favourite perfumes of all different heights, designs and sizes – Price:  R 380.00


THE SUNFLOWER   2 Deep Drawer makeup organizer with an open top compartment, divided into 4 equal parts- Price:  R 650.00

THE DAISY    3 Drawer makeup organizer with an open top compartment, half with an open area and half with a 9 slot compartments that can be used for makeup brushes / mascaras / lipglosses / concealers, anything you want  – Price:  R 800.00


THE BEGONIA   5 Drawer makeup organizer, bottom 4 with pullout knobs and top semi cut out draw with a flip lid. And again, no need take everything off the top to access the flip lid compartment as it has a drawer – Price:  R 1 200.00

THE BLUE BELL    5 Drawer makeup organizer all with pullout knobs – Price:  R 1 300.00


THE JASMINE   7 Drawer makeup organizer all with pullout knobs. Top 2 shallow drawers, Middle 3 medium height and bottom 2 deeper drawers. – Price:  R 1 500.00

THE DALIA   Box shaped makeup organizer with a pull out drawer that has 10 slots for eyeshadow palettes. – Price:  R 850.00


THE DAFODIL   6 Tier Nail Polish stand that an easily hold 50-65 nail polishes depending on the size of the bottles. You aren’t just limited to nail polishes, you can even use it for lipsticks if you want. Its all up to you – Price:  R 450.00

THE TULIP   3 Compartment brush holder box, you can use () to settle the brushes in so they stand up straight – Price:  R 380.00


THE HIBISCUS   A clear perspex tray that can hold smaller organizers or trinkets or some even some of your favourite items – Price:  R 200.00

THE AZALEA   A Rectangle box with a flip lid, with a tray with small cut outs to hold your beauty blenders – Price:  R 350.00



THE PEONY   A Steel Framed Dressing Table Mirror with 6 White LED Globes – Price:  R 2 400.00




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