❅ ESSENCE ❅ The Little X-Mas Factory Holiday Collection

Essence- Litte Xmas Factory Holiday 1

Hi Everyone

The essence christmas range has finally hit our South African shores and i love it!!!! I prefer it to last years and i hope when i’m done being stuck at home with the flu, there will be any left for me to go out and buy. Holding Thumbs!

I really want the eyeshadow palette, nail polishes, fragrance and hand creams

This post is an intro to what will be in the range, i will do a follow up review post soon.

Essence- Litte Xmas Factory Holiday 2

About   Dear Santa! essence has received all Christmas wish lists and Santa’s hardworking elves are doing everything in their power to prepare the perfect surprise. The result: the new trend edition “the little x-mas factory”, to make all your beauty dreams come true. Classical colors like gold or pine green are combined with cool pink. The absolute X-MUSTS are the eyeshadow palette, two mini hand creams with Christmassy fragrances and the “shimmering stars”. Season’s greetings from essence!


Essence- Litte Xmas Factory Holiday - Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow Palette   Melting away! The eyeshadow palette with five shimmering colors creates stunning eye make-up styles – and the pressing pattern on the texture is sure to make your heart melt, too.

North pole express delivery


Essence- Litte Xmas Factory Holiday - Liquid Gold Eyeliner

Liquid Gold Eyeliner    Golden times. The liquid eyeliner with a long applicator creates golden eyeliner styles for a glamorous look.



Essence- Litte Xmas Factory Holiday - Lip Tint

Liptint    Under the mistletoe! The liptint stains the lips in a gorgeous bright pink that is sure to last.

All i want for x-mas is you


Essence- Litte Xmas Factory Holiday - Lipbalm

Lipbalm   Happy holiday! The lipbalm in a small tub provides the lips with moisture and a hint of color in subtle rosé.

Merry kissmas


Essence- Litte Xmas Factory Holiday - 2 in 1 Core Concealer

2 in 1 Core Concealer   Elfin beauty! An elf-like complexion is not a problem thanks to the concealer – the transparent core evens out irregularities while the nude texture covers up impurities of the skin.



Essence- Litte Xmas Factory Holiday - Contouring Palette

Contouring Palette   Fabulous face. The palette contains a dark color for shading and a highlighter shade to accentuate the features. With a cute gift-bow pattern on the surface of the texture.

Elf yourself!


Essence- Litte Xmas Factory Holiday - Shimmering Stars

Shimmering Stars    Little stars! The small, shimmering stars in highlighter and bronzer shades give the face a gorgeous glow

Please, hurry down the chimney!


Essence- Litte Xmas Factory Holiday - Nail Polish

Nail Polish   Christmas colors. Gold with a foil finish, white with a light shimmer as well as pink and pine green without an effect are Santa’s favorites

(1) I still believe in santa claus – Gold with a Foil Finish
(2) Let´s take an Elfie – White with a Light Shimmer
(3) Santa Baby -Bright Pink
(4) Meet me under the Mistletoe – Emerald Green


Essence- Litte Xmas Factory Holiday - Nail Jewelry Sticker

Nail Jewelry Sticker   Bling-bling! The stickers create a golden net on the surface of the nails to turn them into true gems!

Santa´s back in town


Essence- Litte Xmas Factory Holiday - Super Rich Mini Hand Cream

Super Rich Mini Hand Cream   Delicious care. The two hand creams with a vanilla and cookie fragrance come in a practical mini-size to pamper the hands of all hardworking Christmas helpers

Holiday Hugs – Vanilla Scented
Mistletoe Kisses – Cookie Scented


dear santa, it wasn?t me!

Scented Hair Brush   Holiday hair! This small hairbrush with a subtle Christmas scent gives the hair a gorgeous shine.

Dear santa, it wasn´t me!


Essence- Litte Xmas Factory Holiday - Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette (30 ml)  Smells like x-mas. The warm, sweet fragrance is reminiscent of the wintery atmosphere of cozy, beautifully decorated Christmas markets. Chocolate-Cranberry and nectarine in the top note, freesia and peonies in the middle note and caramel, vanilla and tonka bean in the base note are the characteristic ingredients of this eau de toilette.

Its Magic!

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