♥ ESSENCE ♥ New Spring/Summer 2016 Products


Hi Everyone

Essence have released their new Spring/Summer range for 2016 at Dis-Chem Stores. I have bought only a couple things; the concealer, 2-in-1 lipstick & liner, lipbalms and i’m going back for a lot of the nail products.

What have you bought so far?

♥ FACE ♥


Camouflage 2-in-1  Powder & Makeup (4 shades)
Satin Touch Blush (3 shades)
Camouflage 2-in-1 Makeup & Concealer (3 shades)
Get Picture Ready! Brightening Concealer (2 shades)
Get Picture Ready! Long Lasting Compact Makeup (4 shades)
Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette (1 shade)

♥ LIPS ♥


Matt Matt Matt Lipstick (8 of 16 shades)
Colour & Care Lipstick (6 of 8 shades)
2 in 1 Matt Lipstick & Liner (3 of 5 shades)
Volume On! Plumping Lipgloss (2 of 3 shades)
2 in 1 Lipstick & Liner (3 of 5 shades)
Matt Matt Matt Lipgloss (5 shades)
Balmy Kiss Moisturizing Lip Care (3 of 4 shades)

♥ EYES ♥


2-in-1  Eyeshadow & Primer (2 shades)
Rock n Doll Duo Stylist Eyeliner Pen (1 shade)
Eye Contouring Pencil (2 shades)
Rock n Doll Crazy XXXL Volume Mascara (1 shade)
The False Lashes Mascara – Dramatic Volume and Extreme Volume & Curl (1 shade)
Extreme lasting Eye Pencil (6 shade)
Super Precise Eyeliner (1 shade)
Make Me Brow Duo Eyebrow Powder (2 shade)
Contouring Eyeshadow (4 shades)
Make Me Brow Powder Pen (2 shades)
The Metals Eyeshadow (9 shades)



Jewelry Glitz & Glam- Top Coat (33 where is my crown?)
Nail Art Stickers (9 Types)
Colour & Care Strengthening Nail Polish (4 shades)
Cut-Out Manicure Stencils
Clean & Start – Nail Cleanser (1st Step Prep)
 Mega Last – Base Coat (Super Grip)
 French Manicure Tip Painter (01 it’s perfectly fine!)
 SOS Nail Detox – Regenerating Base Coat (Intense Recovery)
 SOS Power Repair – Nail Polish with Oil Complex (Intense Recovery)
 Nail Caring Oil – Daily Treatment (Intense Nourishing)
 Nail Repairing Oil – Intense Nourisher (Restore Nail Surface)
 Nail Growth Booster
Growth Boosting Drops
The Gel Nail Polish 72-87 (15 shades)
Nail Hardening Base – Strengthening Base Coat
 Pro White Active – Instant Nail Brightener
 Green Power Strengthener – Protective Hardener
 Ultra Strong Nail Hardener – Hardening Treatment
 Better Than Gel Nails – Top Sealer  (High Gloss)

all in ONE complete care – Base & Top Coat  (Multi Talent)
anti-split nail sealer – Anti Break Base Coat (Active Protection)
Ultra Gloss Nail Shine – Top Coat (Mirror Effect)
fast cuticle remover – Quick & Easy Eraser (15 sec removal)
XXL nail thickener – Protects Thin Nails (XTRA Volume)



 Super Rich Super Soft Hand Cream
Eyebrow Brush


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