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Hi Everyone

I was recently sent a Catrice Contourious press drop from Cosmetix. Inside was the Sculpting Powder Palette, Lip Contour & Colour, the Highlighting Stick and a Contouring Brush.

I think Cosmetix knows me too well as the shade of both the Sculpting Powder Palette and Lip Contour & Colour was spot on and exactly what i would have chosen for myself

It came with a clear makeup bag with the Catrice logo on which has mysterious disappeared, i think my sister has something to do with that

Defined Shape. Setting accents with the illusion of light and shadow – contouring and strobing are all the rage right now. From August to September 2016, the Limited Edition “Contourious” by CATRICE is offering professional tools to apply the trend techniques of the beauty world. Cream and powder textures in soft champagne, rosé and brown flatter every skin type.

I came, I saw, I contoured


ABOUT    Highlight, Blush and Contour: the Sculpting Powder Palettes each consist of one contouring, one highlighting and one blush shade which are all in perfect harmony. The silky, smooth texture blends optimally to set natural-looking highlights and colour accents

  • C01 Pale Perfectionist
  • C02 Almond Architect

Sells for R 89.95


MY REVIEW    I was sent the shade Pale Perfectionist. I don’t often contour as i work full time and long hours so all i really have time for is a little foundation, powder to set, mascara and a lipstick or lipbalm and i’m out the door. I have been playing around with contouring a little bit lately, it all started with the Catrice Prime And Fine Professional Contouring Palette.

The colors of this palette are middle ground when it comes to pigmentation which suits me just fine as i didn’t want anything too stand out-ish (don’t think that’s a word) or too bright. They are very smooth and apply very nicely with a makeup brush. They don’t stick / stay in place when first applying, it blends out evenly. I love that the colours are cool toned with no orange undertones.

I love the packaging, simple, a great size and very sturdy



ABOUT    Lips to hang on to. Two products in one packaging: the matt lipliner creates a perfect contour and can be used to fill the lips with colour, while the lipgloss provides a smooth, shiny finish.

Sells for R 79.95

MY REVIEW    I was sent the shade Nude and i love it!!!!  You will know from previous posts i’m not a big fan of lipglosses as a lot tend to be sticky which i hate!

Lets start with the Matt Lipliner which i actually use all over my lips. A lot of matte lipsticks tend to drying but this lipliner is not, it feels almost like their is some sort of moisturizing factor added to it. It feels very comfortable to wear alone and lasts for a few hours.

I have also loved using the gloss over it at times. It has a doe-foot applicator. It’s light weight and non-sticky. Because its a gloss it doesn’t last as long as long as its counterpart but still a great product overall.

This product is a winner and what i love (!!!) is the fact that the lid covering the lipliner is not a click on one which i find can sometimes come loose in my bag and create a mess, but a twist top, guarantees no mess in my bag! Hooray!



ABOUT    Radiance Unlimited. The shimmering cream texture in a pen shape sets accurate highlights with ease. The light pearly shimmer ensures a cool, golden glow that’s easy to blend for natural-looking results thanks to the creamy texture. For a radiant and fresh look, apply the highlighter underneath the eyebrows, along the bridge of the nose, the forehead, the chin and above the upper lip. Blend softly using the fingers or a moist sponge. The result: targeted highlights to shape the face and create a natural, fresh glow.

Sells for R 69.95


MY REVIEW    I wasn’t too sure of this when i first saw it. I’m so used to using Powder highlighters or highlighters on a smaller scale.

When first applied to stands out like a bright light but once blended it looks very natural.

I love this but i think i’ll stick to my powder highlighter – the Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder




ABOUT    Daily Definition. Highlight and contour with just one tool: the slim, ergonomically shaped brush with thick, premium bristles can be used to set targeted highlights as well as for skillful shading that flatters the features, for example, “nose contouring”. Contouring has never been so easy

Sells for R 79.95


MY REVIEW    The brush is the perfect size for on the go and the handle is very sturdy. The bristles are short making it a firm brush but at the same time the bristles are very soft. I use it to apply and blend the bronzer.





ABOUT    Finest Frame. The extra slim Brow Shaper accurately fills any gaps in the brows. The brush at the other end of the pencil adds definition to complement the eyebrow look. For naturally perfect-looking brows.

Sells for R 52.95




ABOUT    Perfect Blend. The Contouring Cream Palette is ideal for defining the shape of the face and adding expression. The two matt, creamy tones can either be combined to create an individual shade or used separately for lightening and shading. Thanks to the particularly creamy texture, the nuances can be blended optimally for an extremely

Sells for R 89.95




ABOUT    Reflections. The fine powder contains light-reflecting pigments to set accents on the face and neckline. The perfectly aligned shades in champagne and rosé-apricot flatter light and dark skin types and guarantee a radiant look.

Sells for R 89.95


Hope you enjoyed my review. What is your favourite product from this range?

This range is available from Dis-Chem stores



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