🎄 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS 🎄 Nail Art – Day 2


Hi Everyone

Today i am doing the Santa Suit


These are the colours i used:

A List
Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low


  • STEP 1   Paint the whole nail Red with Essie – A List
  • STEP 2   Take a cotton bud, dip it in Nail Polish remover, remove a vertical line of nail polish
  • STEP 3   Paint the vertical line White using Essie – Blanc
  • STEP 4   Paint a Black belt horizontally with Essie – Licorice
  • STEP 5   Using a dotting tool, dot the Black buttons with Essie – Licorice
  • STEP 6   Using a tool pick or a thin paint brush paint a God buckle using Essie – Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low
  • STEP 7   Finish with a top coat of your choice – I used the Essie Gel Setter



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