♥ FAVOURITES OF 2016 ♥ Skin


Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a great festive season. I am starting off 2017 with all my favourite products of 2016 from skin products, to hair, cosmetics and much more…..

My 5 favourite skin products of 2016 consist of a peel mask from Freeman Beauty, a scrub (mask) from Lush, my all time favourite Micellar water and a moisturizer from Garnier and lastly charcoal nose strips from the Clicks brand

Hope you enjoy



Freeman Beauty Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask/Peel

Unwind from the grind by treating skin to a much needed respite with this nutrient rich mask. Dead Sea Minerals and Sea Salts replenish and balance moisture while purging clogged pores. Lavender and Bergamot help achieve an aroma-therapeutic bliss to rinse away stress for smooth and radiant skin

Dis-Chem – R 92.95 (175ml)



Lush Mask of Magnaminty Scrub

Deep cleansing, minty face and back pack. After an overnight flight, a marathon in a rabbit suit or a walk along the Marylebone Road during rush hour, do you feel a deep need to be scrubbed clean? Here’s a cleansing mask to do exactly that; China clay and bentonite gel will pull the dirt from your pores, ground aduki beans and evening primrose seeds exfoliate surface skin cells, and peppermint oil will make you feel so fresh and minty that you’ll forget you were ever grubby

Lush – R 160 (125g)



Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water

Garnier Micellar technology is formulated with nourishing oils. The micelles (cleansing agents) capture impurities like a magnet & lift away dirt from the skin, whilst the oils instantly dissolve all types of make-up

Clicks / Dischem – R 89.95



Clicks Skin Essentials Perfecting Nose Pore Strips

Clicks Skin Essentials Perfecting Nose Pore Strips 6 Strips are formulated with charcoal and designed to intensively clean skin, absorb excess sebum and remove blackheads. Each individual strip locks onto the dirt and oil that clogs pores and effectively removes these impurities, leaving your skin visibly fresher and feeling better than ever.

Clicks – R 39.95



Garnier Even & Matte Ideal Complexion Daily Cream

Garnier Skin Naturals Even Matte Daily Cream Normal to Dry Skin 40ml provides 24 hour moisture for normal to dry skin. Contains pure lemon essence and hydrating glycerine for non-stop hydration. Leaves your complexion radiant and shine free.

Clicks – R 29.95 (40ml)



What are your favourite skin products from 2016?



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