♥ MANICURE MONDAY ♥ Catrice Pinks


Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a great weekend. I’m honestly not a big fan of pink nail polish. I generally reach for purples, blues, metallics, coppers, burgundy’s etc first. I was sorting through all my nail polishes this weekend and realized for someone that doesn’t wear pink nail polish, i actually have a lot of pink.


I initially choose a bright pink – the Catrice Cosmic Pink from the Lumination collection but when painting my nails it was a bit boring for me as i like different shades of different patters etc so i decided to pair it with another Catrice – Your Fresh Apri-Coat which is part of the Luxury Nudes range.



♥ Cosmic Pink  is such a unique shade, its from the Lumination collection. Most pinks i own are one dimensional. But this bright Fuchsia Pink with hints of gold shimmer is totally different to anything i own. It such a gorgeous colour. I applied 2 think coats for full opacity. The formula is very easy to work with and i completed it with a clear top coat.


♥ Your Fresh Apri-Coat   is a soft matte colour from the Luxury Nudes range. This colour is not a pure pink, its a peachy pink but i feel wearing it with Cosmic Pink, the pinkiness (is that a word?) jumps out more. Its not an easy formula to work with as its quick drying and the matte doesn’t seem to set right. You have to work pretty quickly with this colour. I applied 1 generous coat and then a clear top coat


ps: please excuse the shorter middle finger as my nail broke 😦

Hope you all have a great Monday and rest of the week



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