Hi Everyone

Hope you all having a good week so far. This week I’ve been very quiet on all social media platforms, as its been a very busy and difficult week for me personally. Hopefully things will start to look up

I was kindly sent these 3 products in a press drop from the awesome team at Oh So Heavenly to try out.

Oh So Heavenly products are sold exclusively at Clicks stores

A bonus about the Oh So Heavenly products, they are on the Beauty Without Cruelty list. Big Thumbs Up!

The first is the Hula Hands hygiene hand wipes.

What they say   Wipe away dirt and germs with these hygiene hand wipes. Enriched with moisturizing Vitamin E and soothing Aloe Vera to leave hands feeling cleansed, refreshed and protected. With a juicy, fruity scent, these cotton soft, alcohol free hand wipes are gentle enough for the whole family.

What I say   I have been carrying these wipes in my handbag ever since i was sent them as i really wanted to test them out properly. What i love about these wipes is that they don’t make my skin feel dry. I used them to cleanse my hands eg: after eating, playing with my cats (i tend to touch my eye area a lot and then start to sneeze) as well as to remove my makeup. The only thing, and its not a bad thing just a personal preference is that i’m not a big fan of the scent but other than that, a winner !


The next product i received was the Lucky In Love Flirtatious Body Spray

What they say   Just like love at first sight this Flirtatious scent will sweep you off your feet! With lively top notes of white flowers and mouth-watering pear, leading to a charming heart of vanilla infused musk and sultry sandalwood, to leave you feeling carefree and confident. Spray the irresistible fragrance all over and embrace the endless possibilities that come with luck in love!

What I say   I haven’t used a deodorant in about 2 months (been using a roll-on) but i was happy to try this out. Like the wipes i also kept this in my handbag. I used this daily, morning and evening, love the feel but again (and unfortunately) not a great fan of the scent, i tend to lean towards sweeter scents like Vanilla, Strawberry etc but this body Spray did the work. Its been a few hot days in Cape Town recently and this spray kept all odours (if any) at bay and left me feeling fresh all day long.

This 90ml can retails for R 16.95 with Clicks on the Save 20% promotion


Last but not least was my favourite of the 3, the Lavender infused Hand & Nail Cream

What they say   A Lavender infused Hand & Nail Cream to moisturize and soften hands, ad strengthen nails. This moisture rich formula is enriched with Vitamin C and nourishing Panthenol to help soften and smoothe hands and strengthen nails. Hydrating Jojoba seed oil helps to nourish and moisturize, leaving hands feeling radiant and cared for.

What I say   This hand & nail cream i love love love. Anything with a lavender scent always makes me feel calm and relaxed. I work with my hands a lot, so they tend to dry out a lot more a i’m always washing them or using the anti-bacterial waterless hand sanitizer at my work which has a high alcohol content so this hand cream has been my saving grace, as well as with my nails. This hand & nail cream is going to be a staple in my handbag, beach bag, in the bathroom, my bedroom, everywhere!

This 100ml tube retails for R 23.95 and Clicks is currently running their 3 for 2 promotion on selected Oh SO Heavenly products – the hand & nail creams being one of them.


On a side note there are some ranges i am dying to try out like the Stop The Clock and Set The Tone facial ranges as well the new scents from the Love You Lips bubble balm range. I have the Strawberry Smooch, Chocolate Caress & Cupcakes Kisses in the old design and Mint To Be in the New Design but i cant find Double The Yum and Pineapple Paradise in the new design. Maybe you guys will have more luck.

What are your favourite Oh So Heavenly products?


Disclaimer: I was not paid to review these products and my review is my honestly opinion

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