♥ MANICURE MONDAY ♥ Easter Inspired Nail Look


Hope you all had a great weekend. I worked the weekend but had a little time yesterday morning to pop in H&M Waterfront and grab a few knitted jerseys and autumn/winter pajamas which i love!!! – which i will be doing a haul post soon.

But first… i wanted to do an Easter Inspired nail look. I used all Essie nail polish. I didnt have a bright yellow from Essie for the Chick but i mixed the orange and yellow, with many tries to get the colour i wanted.

I decided to go with 2 animals synonymous with Easter, the baby chick and the Easter bunny as well as a dotted look and 2 solid colours. I decided to go with pastel colours, like pink, baby blue, yellow and lilac

The first look took me a while as i didn’t have a bright yellow so i was forced to get creative – which took a long time and lots of tin foil to get the colour i was eventually happy with. I mixed the orange “Brazilliant” which i was using for the beak with the light yellow of “Chillato”. I then used the white “Blanc” for the eggshell using the brush as well as a tiny brush to get the jigjag. I then finished the look with a dotting tool for the beak and the eyes using “Blanc” and “Licorice”, the black. (below)


The next i did the infamous but never seen Easter Bunny. I used “Mint Candy Apple” – the blue version for the background. Waited ever so patiently for it to dry before i started with the Easter Bunny using “Blanc” for the head and eyes, again waiting for it to dry. I then did the inner ears and nose with “Groove is in the Heart” and “Licorice” for the eyes and whiskers. (below)

I then painted the 2 solid colours again using “Groove is in the heart” as well as “Play Date” (below)

Last but not least i did the dotted look. I painted the whole nail with “Blanc” and then while waiting for it to dry i put a drop of each colour “Groove in is the Heart”, “Chillato”, “Mint Candy Apple” and “Play Date” onto a piece of foil then using my trusty dotting tool i dotted each colour until i was happy. I love this nail so much hehe (below)

Hope you enjoyed the post. I would love to see all your Easter inspired looks. Upload them on social media and tag me so i can see!

Chat soon


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