Hi Everyone

I cant even remember that last time I blogged. Its been a hectic month or so for me personally. It started out with me trying to buy a small house for myself, but damn (!) homes are so expensive, I knew it would be expensive especially being on my own but its more than I thought. So I turned to renting for a year until I find a place and even that is turning into a nightmare.

I have 2 weeks until I am out my house (we sold our place)… and still I haven’t found a place. I have looked but nothing is confirmed yet. My stress levels have hit the roof. So that’s why I haven’t been blogging. My mind and my heart just haven’t been in it.

I recently got a package from Superdrug, a friend kindly brought it down with her when she came to South Africa. There were a few items I wanted but they were out of stock at the time. So will have to place another order in the near future.

First is the I Heart Makeup Golden Bar eyeshadow chocolate palette. How gorgeous is the packaging! And the colours as well, they are all creamy, easily blendable and all are beautiful shimmer colours.

I also bought the mini version of the I Heart Makeup Golden Bar and the baby between the I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate and the I Heart Makeup Pink Fizz eyeshadow palettes. These 2 are the Light & Glow highlighter which consists of a icy white and icy pink blush / highlighter and the Bronze & Glow bronzer which consists of the coppery bronzer and champagne highlighter.

I couldn’t resist these 2 Makeup Revolution highlighter palettes. The packaging is soooooo stunning. Sorry the pictures for the box came out horrible! because of the reflective box packaging. The actual packaging of the palette also reflected but I had to lean them down to eliminate the reflecting. The Strobe Lighting is the shiny rose gold packaging with an icy white, light golden and a baby pink highlighter. The Rose Lights is the matt rose gold packaging with a creamy colour, light golden nude and a darker golden nude highlighter.

Last but not least is the Bourjois trio. I ordered 3 as they had a 3 for 2 special. At Clicks in South Africa you can pay between R250-280 for each (+- R840 for 3) foundation and I ended up getting all 3 below for GBP20 which is +- R340 !!!! Such a bargain. I have never ever used Bourjois products before so when I saw Superdrug had the special I took advantage. I have tried the 123 Perfect and wearing it today. And I love it!!!! Its full coverage and I don’t have the best skin AND it feels so light!!!!! I was so surprised. Sorry for all the !!! in the post but these products make me so happy lol

I cant wait to place another order soon

Have a great week


19 thoughts on “💗 SUPERDRUG HAUL 💗

      1. I haven’t tried any of those brands. I find it way over priced. I love finding brands like eg: Makeup Revolution or I Heart Makeup, Essence, Catrice, ELF, Nyx etc that are dupes and more affordable without skimping on the quality xoxo

      2. Yeah we also don’t have it in SA, was a rumour its was being released but was fake. I see you can get ELF on superdrug but more expensive than on the actual ELF website

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