💗 5 FRIDAY FAVOURITES 💗 Catrice Products

Hi Everyone

Sorry I’ve been so quiet on the blogging front. I recently moved into a new place (a week ago) and am still settling in. A person doesn’t realize how much stuff they have until you have to pack it all up, take it to your new place and to unpack it all, and half the things you own don’t have a place anymore. I have sooooo much i need to get rid of BUT my makeup collection isn’t one of them (yet! lol)

I am a drugstore junkie…. i know there are some great high-end brands out there but i feel like why spend all that money when i get to buy drugstore cosmetics that are great quality but with a friendly price tag…. and Catrice ticks all the boxes for me

I enjoy sharing all the products i love to all my readers, so i hope you all enjoy my 5 mini reviews on the below cosmetics.

♥ High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder â™¥

Shade:  (010) Light Fusion

Mini Review:  I am very fussy when it comes to highlighters and very few i have picked up off the shelves have impressed me, until this Highlighter came home with me. This Highlighter is very finely milled silver champagne shade with a buildable glow for a subtle look or if you want to be seen from space. Its a cool toned highlighter which i think suits all skin tones. Its highly pigmented,  with such great quality. At the moment and for a while now, its the 1st and only highlighter i reach for each morning. I use a fan brush to apply the highlighter to my cheek bones, a little above my brows, tip of my nose, chin and love using it in the corner of my eyes.

Price:  R 89.95

♥ Sun Glow Mineral Bronzing Powder â™¥

Shade:  (020) Golden Light

Mini Review:  I have quite a few different bronzers, from all different types of brands but once again Catrice seems to grab my attention. This bronzer is medium to deep warm shade, a true baked beauty. It has a matt finish that reflects minerals and pigments to give a tanned look. It gives a very natural look and is so easy to blend. I use my big Cala powder brush to apply the bronzer, not just as a bronzr, but also use it to contour, on my jawline, my hair line and the side of my nose.

Price:  R 89.95

♥ HD Liquid Coverage Foundation ♥

Shade:  (020) Rose Beige

Mini Review:  I think this HD foundation is the second Catrice foundation i have fallen inlove with (the first was the Nude Illusion). I love that its differently packaged to most foundations out there, with the glass bottle and the dropper. With one squeeze and released of the dropper it picks up the exact amount i need to use. Perfection! Yes it has a very runny consistency but wow does this foundation have great coverage. It feels lightweight yet at the same time is buildable to create a medium to full coverage. It dries to a matt finish which i love as i have an oily to combination skin. It probably doesn’t need to be set with a powder but as a personal preference i like to finish all foundations with a little bit of loose transparent powder.

Price:  R 144.95

♥ Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer â™¥

Shade:  (020) Light Beige

About:  Dark circles, irregularities and redness are now a thing of the past – the Liquid Camouflage offers optimal coverage and care. The liquid concealer is highly-pigmented, waterproof and especially long-lasting. Easy to use with a practical flock applicator.

Mini Review:  I have been a big fan of the camouflage pot concealer’s for a while now, so i was excited to try the Liquid version. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, as its now my go to concealer (my sister is still addicted to the pot version). This concealer has the normal doe foot applicator which gives a generous amount of product. Its a thicker consistency to most I’ve tried and very creamy. You need to work a little quicker with this concealer as once applied it tends to dry pretty quickly and dries to a matte finish. Once i apply the product with the applicator i seal my under eyes with a damp mini beautyblender and set it with loose transparent powder. This shade is a little darker, its perfect for the summer season and the lighter (010) for the winter months. I see they have a new shade (005) Light Natural that i want to try

Price:  R 69.95

♥ Eyebrow Filler Perfecting & Shaping Gel â™¥

About:  This naturally tinted eyebrow filler grooms, thickens and defines your brows. Fibres integrated in the texture fill in small gaps and irregularities. The neutral colour suits eyebrows of all colours. Easy to use and fast-drying without clumping, the Perfecting & Shaping Gel gives your eyes a beautiful, expressive look.

Mini Review:  When i was younger i never really plucker my eyebrows that much, i tidied them up a bit but never overplucked so today i have thick(ish) eyebrows and only need to fill them in slightly. I used to use a pencil but since discovering this little gem, there is no go back for me. It looks like a lipgloss tube, the wand looks like a mascara brush but this ladies everything! The shade I’ve got (010) is a chocolate brown colour. The texture is creamy at first but then turns slightly powdery if they makes sense. It greats for styling your brows but i use it with the Catrice brow definer for those patchy areas as i find it doesnt “cover” small patchy areas, but a great product none the less.

Price:  R55.00


Left to Right:  Bronzer, Highlighter, Foundation, Concealer, Eyebrow Filler.

All Catrice products available from Dis-Chem, Pick n Pay, Red Square and Takealot

Hope you enjoyed this post. What are your favourite products from Catrice?




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