💜MANICURE MONDAY💜 Essie – Coat Couture

Hi Everyone

I finally managed to put aside some time this weekend and take some pictures (just a couple) and actually sit down for more than 1/2 an hour and write a little post. I guess you have to start somewhere

I wanted a fall/autumn or winter colour like a dark blue or red, or maybe a deep purple or even a black – you will see on my Instagram posts if you follow me which 4 I had taken out and had every intention of using, but this bottle caught my eye.

I ended up choosing Coat Couture from the Cashmere Collection

Coat Couture is a deep eggplant purple with a blue undertone and shimmers. Its a matte polish that has a subtle hint of the shimmer, you notice the shimmer more when a shine top coat is applied. I find the matte doesn’t last as long, I had a chip after day 1 – but with a top coats it tends to last a good 5/6 days before you notice any slight chipping.


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