💗 GLAMCUBES💗 Brush and Eyeshadow Palette Holder

Hi Everyone

My name is Melissa and I’m a makeup junkie, and what do all makeup junkies need…. storage for all their lipsticks, compacts, mascara’s, eyeshadow palettes and more

And in walks in Glamcubes….

From previous posts you will see I have done reviews on both the 2 drawer and the 3 drawer organizer, I honestly couldn’t cope without them.

I was recently sent the brush holder and the eyeshadow palette, and I love them!!!!


There first brush holder used to open from the top and I wasn’t a big fan of getting my brushes out by grabbing the top of the bristle heads so I used it for my eyeshadow palettes instead (before I had the new and improved brush holder and eyeshadow palette holder)


♥ BRUSH HOLDER (new) ♥

I love the new brush holder. Its much easier to put the brushes in and take them out. I added light pink pearls in to keep the brushes standing upright (which I got my China Town). The new angled lid now opens from the front and flips backwards to instead of just the fliptop lid. It comes in 2 types, one with 2 compartments and the other with 3 compartments

They come in 4 different colours: White, Pink, Red and Black

2 Compartment sells for R350.00 (HERE)
 3 Compartment sells for R450.00 (HERE)



This is one of my favourites of all their products. I love that its easy access to all my palettes and it looks makes me makeup collection look so nice. It can hold a number of palettes depending on the size / height / width. It has 6 slots varying in width.

They come in 4 different colours: White, Pink, Red and Black

 It sells for R350.00 (HERE)



Just a quick look at one of my organizers – the 2 drawer with the deeper 2nd drawer

 The 2 drawer sells for R 1199.00  (HERE)


All my followers can use the code PCAP052017 when buying online to get a 10% discount on their entire order when spending more than R1199.00




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