💗TORA GRACE💗 Samsara & Abandon Bracelets

Hi Everyone

Hope you all having a great week so far. A couple months ago I discovered a gem of a company called Tora Grace. They are a proudly south African company, that started with the inspiration of a little girl named Tora Grace. They sell the most gorgeous and creative bracelets each designed with a quote or saying. Each bracelet is adjustable by squeezing the sides of the bracelet fit your wrist

When I placed an order last month, they kindly added a little surprise for me. A couple extra Samsara bracelets as well as an Abandon bracelet (which is such a great idea!)

ABOUT:  Samsara is a sanskrit word that means “wandering” or “world, with the connotation of cyclic, circuitous change. We took inspiration from this and have incorporated it with our love for travel and the wandering world. Each quote is individually chosen and designed with special fonts to celebrate your journey and add a pretty inspiration to your day. Our bracelets are made out of high grade stainless steel and are designed to be worn and treasured on a daily basis. They are the perfect way to remind you of your goals, your loves and just how far you have come and how special your own individual journey is

These bracelets comes in 3 different colour metals: Silver, Yellow Gold and my favourite Rose Gold each with their own quote on. I ordered the the “Be Brave” silver bracelet for my sister with the inscription “Be Brave enough to Dream” and was also sent the “Fire & Grace” which says “Fire in her Soul•Grace in her Heart” in Rose Gold and “I Refuse to Sink⚓” in Silver which is my favourite as I have an Anchor Tattoo which means a lot to me.

They have many other inscriptions to choose from, they also have sets like:
♦ Mother and Daughter set – 2 bracelets  “For them I’d risk it all” bracelet for Mom &  “Because of her I will not fall” for the Daughter – available in Rose Gold or Silver
♦ Faith Stack 2 – 3 bracelets  “Let your faith be bigger than your fear” in Rose Gold, “His love never fails” in Silver and “Be truthful, gentle and fearless” in Yellow Gold
 Friendship Stack – 3 bracelets  “Soul Sisters ∞” in Rose Gold , “Find your tribe.Love them Hard” in Silver
♦ Wanderlust Stack – (which is my favourite) 4 bracelets  “Hitch your wagon to a star⋆” in Yellow Gold, “Be brave enough to dream” in Silver, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart♥” in Rose Gold and “→Not all who Wander are lost” in Silver



ABOUT:  Abandon bracelets are fun and functional bracelets that not only make unique and pretty accessories but serve a purpose too. You can now replace those ugly and uncomfortable elastic marks on your wrist with a bracelet that safely holds your hair band for when you need it most. Choose between silver, rose gold and yellow gold bracelets and turn your hairband into your favourite fashion accessory. Put your hair up in a pony tail and your Abandon Bracelet transforms into a simple and elegant cuff bracelet, the perfect accessory for the practically impulsive.

I am one of those guilty people that always have a hair band around my wrist, so when i received this bracelet i was so excited and wouldn’t wait to give it a go.

I love that you can wear it as a normal cuff bracelet as well as with the hair tie, add some colour to your outfit as well as always knowing i have a hair tie on me

All Abandon bracelets come with an engraving on the inside, i’m not sure if they are all identical but mine has “Dream Big” on the inside.

You can order both bracelets online HERE . At the moment Tora Grace are currently having a special with a lot of the single Samsara bracelets selling for only R190-200.00 each. The stacks rang from R320-500.00

The Abandon bracelets retail from R210-260.00 each and the Abandon set for R315.00


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