💅🏻MANICURE MONDAY💅🏻 Essence – Out of Space Stories collection

Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a great weekend. Wow, wasn’t it a beautiful weekend in Cape Town, the sun was shining and it was so warm, perfect winter days.

Today i will be chatting about the new(ish) Essence Out of Space Stories nail polish collection, it was released a couple months ago but i only recently bought them off Takelot.com (HERE)

This collection features 7 gorgeous colours, they either have a holographic, chrome/metallic or iridescent finish. I have only seen them being sold at Dis-Chem stores for R 44.95

I have swatched all 7 colours, none of which i have sealed with a top coat so I wanted to show all of you what they look like on their own.

Outta Space is the Place is an iridescent pearly pink with a slight green/blue shimmer. This is one of my favourite colours of the collection. I have done 2 coats here for full opacity.

Across the Universe is a weird one for me and the one i dislike from the collection. Its a lilac purple duo chrome with a semi pearl finish. It has a grey blue undertone shimmer to it and dries with a dull streaky finish which i don’t like.

Space Glam is so gorgeous! Its a beautiful bright lilac punches full of gold flaky glittery shimmer.I did 2 coats for full opacity. How can you not love this colour?!?!

Beam Me Up is a bright fuschia pink with a holographic finish. I did 2 coats for full opacity. Its a beautiful colour and perfect for Spring and Summer

Intergalatic Adventure looks so different from the bottle to the swatch stick. From the bottle it looks like its going to be more purple than blue but this colour epitomizes the entire collection, the colour looks like someone took the actual universe and bottled it, but it doesnt come across on the swatch. It settles to a duo chrome navy blue with a shimmer.

We Will Spock You is another great colour. Its a silver holographic punches with tons of shimmer and a hint of blue coming through.

1000 Light Years Away is a black polish with rainbow coloured bits of glitter. Its probably the only one i think needed a top coat as it finished dry and semi matte looking. A top coat smoothes it out and gives it the shine it lacks. Its not the easily formula to work with as its very thick.

Have you tried this collection yet? If so, what is your favourite colour?

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