Hi Everyone

Hope you having a great day so far. Today is my off day, so i’m just catching up on some blog posts i need to complete and schedule for the month, so well as some day down to watch a few new tv shows that have just started as well as some of my favourites that have returned for a new season eg: Deception, Caught, For The People, The Arrangement, Unreal and The Royals.

On Monday i turned my Blue Monday into a great Monday when i popped into Canal Walk after work to pick something up and i (almost) walked past Sheet Street like i always do, but this time i decided why not pop in, see what they have… and i’m so glad that i did.

I found a beautiful comforter as well as some decorative pieces for my bedside table, my bathroom as well as my Vanity

My colour scheme in my room is currently grey and pink so when i spotted this comforter with pops of rose gold/copper i had to have it. How beautiful is it. It sells for R259.99 for a Queen comforter with 2 standard pillowcases

I needed a vase for my pink peonies (fake of course lol) that i keep on my vanity.ย  Its now found its way to my bedside table i loved it so much. This sells for R99.99

No its not a swan, its a flamingo and i love flamingo’s. I bought this for my bathroom, its currently on my sink side for my rings / earrings. My bathroom is white and grey with rose gold/copper accents so this fits in perfectly. This sells for R49.99

Ok, so i probably didn’t need another ring/earring dish but i LOVE cats and how cute is this! This one i’m using on my vanity while my older cat one is now next to my bedside. This sells for R29.99

Another love of mine, Pinepples. I’ve currently been using a round marble bowl for all my bracelets and watches and its overflowing. So when i spotted this, it was perfect for my watches. This sells for R49.99

Last but not least is this little bunny i fell inlove with. Another cute piece that is on my bedside table. This one sells for R25.99

I love all my items for Sheet Street, I think i need to shop there more often. Have you ever found great items from them ?


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