EMPTIES #2 POST {mini reviews}

Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a great day. Sorry my post is later than usual. It’s been such a crazy day. Today I’m sharing my 2nd Empties post, I’m doing one every 3-4 months, which I think is enough time to finish a particular product in that time frame.

I’m sharing face scrubs and washes, hair treatments and sprays, facial toners and “primers” and more….

NATURE’S NOURISHMENT: Witch Hazel & Rose Water

Nature’s Nourishment Witch Hazel and Rose Water has become a staple in my skin routine. I use it as a toner both morning and night. I can’t say i see a major change in my skin but my skin has stayed on the good side with no breakouts so clearly it loves this product. Witch Hazel is supposed to aid in healing, stop cellular damage, eradicate bacteria and remove excess oil while Rose Water reduces redness, unclogs pores and help reduce acne.

Available from Dis-Chem stores


GARNIER: Fresh Clarifying Wash

I own a lot of Garnier products including a few scrub wash combos. I wanted to try something different so I picked up this Shine Be Gone gentle wash for oily to combination skin. I alternate between this wash as well as one of the scrubs. Its said to deep cleanse and purify your skin.

Garnier Products available from Clicks and Dis-Chem stores


REVOLUTION: Pro Hygiene Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner Spray

Because makeup is cheaper in the UK and I knew my boss was coming to SA I placed a massive order. I was browsing through all the items and saw this Anti-Bacterial Spray for makeup brushes (and can be used on sponges) which i hadn’t seen in South Africa at the time. This bottle has lasted me a good 6 months. I spray it on my brushes and sponges after I have washed them

Revolution Products Available from Superdrug and Shop Revolution online (the old Tam Beauty)


BATISTE: Dry Shampoo Plus – Beautiful Brunette

I have never, will I ever go a day without owning this dry shampoo. I don’t have very oily hair, I have very thick and curly hair so I can go a good 5-7 days without washing my hair but inbetween washes especially if I want to wear my hair down I spray a bit on the roots and then go through my hair with a hair dryer. I use the brunette one so no white residue is left behind

Batiste Products Available from Clicks stores


FREEMAN: Creamy Scrub Apricot

Freeman Beauty has become my favourite when it comes to Face Scrubs and Masks, I own like 8 different types. I think what grabbed me when it comes to this scrub is the Apricot smell, which is divine. It’s a cream scrub that is very gentle on the skin, gentle enough that you could use on a daily basis. After use your skin feels very smooth.

Freeman Beauty Available from Dis-Chem stores


NIVEA: Post Shave Balm

I know this seems crazy but I saw a fellow blogger doing this last year and jumped on the band wagon and never looked back. Yes it an after shave balm for men but it kicks a$$ as a primer. It has no alcohol and its not oily so the product sinks into the skin and not only does it work as a primer but also my makeup lasts longer when I apply this first.

Nivea Products Available from Clicks and Dis-Chem stores


SCHWARZKOPF: Gliss Hair Repair

Because I have oily thick curly hair and had a lot of treatments when I was younger (my mother didn’t know how to handle my hair) and with my straightening my hair every opportunity I can my hair has been through hell and a lot of damage. So I always try to use some sort of hair treatment, oil, hair balm etc and this Schwarzkopf with Keratin has become a favourite. My hair feel moisturized and soft after ive applied it, left it for a few hours, rinsed it off and blow dried my hair

Schwarzkopf Products Available from Clicks and Dis-Chem stores


LUSH: Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub

Lush products have been some of my favourites for a few years. I first fell inlove with the Mask of Magnaminty and with a recommendations from a friend I tried the Ocean Salt. It’s a heavy duty scrub so rub gently on your skin and I wouldn’t recommend you to use it more than twice a week but it will leave your skin feeling amazingly smooth and soft from the avocado butter.

Lush Available from Lush stores and online



This is honestly the BEST product I have ever used when it comes to cleaning my makeup sponges and makeup brushes. I have tried many things from dish washing liquid, baby shampoo etc and after trying the Pink Cosmetics Brush cleaner I will never ever try another product ever!!!! It gets all residue off and doesn’t leave a soapy feel.

Pink Cosmetics Available online ( you will find the link in the right hand side of my website – click on the icon)

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