๐Ÿ’— PERFECT PAIR ๐Ÿ’— Pink Cosmetics: Solid Brush Cleaner & Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm


Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a great weekend and those who took Leave today, hope you having an amazing long weekend. I can’t believe is the last day of April, where did this month go???

Today i’m sharing my next Perfect Pair, its the Pink Cosmetics Brush Cleaner (a favourite of mine for a while now) and a new product i’ve been trying for a week now. A product that removes makeup from my brushes & sponges and another that removes makeup from my skin


ABOUTย  ย Keep your precious makeup brushes in tip top condition with our solid brush and sponge cleaner. It easily removes dirt and grime while conserving water and your valuable products.ย Not only are these super effective in keeping your makeup brushes clean and germ-free but they are also great for travelling and are oh so easy to use. Each compact cleaner contains soothing cocoa butter and olive oil to condition and easily break down excess residue and germs. These beauties have been handcrafted and individually poured by a makeup enthusiast with a passion for quality products, offering real value and superior results. This here is the ultimate cleaner for makeup artists and travellers alike.

MINI REVIEWย ย  This is now my 2nd tube, i think my 1st tube lasted me a good 6 months. This is honestly the best product i have ever used when it comes to Cleansing my beautyblender sponges and makeup brushes. Its a solid formula which includes many natural oils and butters. I put a little water into the tub, swirl my sponge or brush around a couple times, rinse and they are so clean, no foundation marks are left and there is no soapiness left behind like some shampoos i have used.

FROM & COSTย ย  Pink Cosmetics (HERE) for R 150.00



ABOUTย  ย Safely remove your makeup with our gentle Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm and leave your skin feeling cleaner, softer and super hydrated. Thanks to the nourishing power of Shea butter, Jojoba oil and Coconut, your skin will feel fresher for longer while the creamy balm works to cleanse your face from all impurities. Shea butter is a wonderful moisturising agent which helps to reduce inflammation and smooth the skin. All you have to do is scoop out a pea-sized amount of the balm and rub it between your hands to melt. ย One water is added it turns into a creamy lotion which is easily washed away . Apply to your face in a gentle massaging rhythm and rinse with warm water or wipe away with a warm facecloth. Your skin will feel clean and refreshed as the product is not oily and will not leave a waxy residue on your face. It is safe for all skin types. The balm can also safely be used as a hydrating mask if left on the skin for 10 to 20 minutes prior to removal

MINI REVIEWย ย ย Ive only been using this for a week now and i when this up finished i will carry on buying it. Its also in the same tub as the brush cleaner and the formula looks exactly the same. I wet my face (my makeup still on), removed out a pea size amount, rub it in my hands with a little bit of water and lather over my skin. I didnt think anything could compare the Micellar Water when it comes to removing makeup but wow, was i wrong, It removed all my makeup, including my waterproof mascara with a little rubbing (and no burning eyes) all my makeup came off. I am so impressed with this product, it even left my skin feeling so soft and moisturised.

FROM & COSTย ย  Pink Cosmetics (HERE) for R 145.00


What is your perfect pair when it comes to skincare?


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