💗 PERFECT PAIR 💗 Catrice Foundation & Yardley Powder

Hi Everyone

I’m finally back in the swing of things, im not 100% better but definitely feeling better than i was last week. It feels like i haven’t blogged in ages!!! But I actually only skipped 1 day lol

Today im sharing my perfect pair that i’m living for at the moment. I don’t know if its my medicine i was on, new products i’m trying, the weather or a combination of everything but my skin is so oily lately and i’ve broken out so badly in one place. I haven’t had a break out in a couple years.

So this foundation paired with the Holy Grail of powders has really saved my (life) skin.


This 24h Made To Stay Foundation is a mattifying foundation that lasts hours, i would know as i start work at 6am some mornings, so my makeup is applied at 5am, i then only get home at roughly 5pm or 6pm depending, and the foundation has stayed put. Also, i don’t do any touch ups during the day as i’m too busy at work

The packaging is a glass bottle with a pump action, i tend to use 1 / 2 pumps for a light coverage and 3 pumps for a full coverage look. The formula is pretty runny but easy enough to work with. There is only 1 downside to this foundation, because its a mattifying foundation it tends to dry very quickly, so i use a damp beauty blender and work pretty quickly. So downside fixed?

This (used) to sell for R 135.00 at Dis-Chem stores – not sure if this is still in store or if its been discontinued


Yardley Loose Powder Absolute Translucent helps set your make-up for a beautiful matte finish and controls oils for a shine-free complexion. Its silky formulation contains no irritants and is dermatologically tested.

This is the only powder i use – i have used others but nothing compares to this one. Its a translucent powder that really sets my makeup as well as combating any oily that might attack. I never have to touch up my foundation or reapply any powder during the day.

This sells for R 149.00 at Clicks, Dis-Chem and Edgars stores as well as online at Takealot.com


What is your perfect pair ?


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