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Wow its been forever since i blogged, ive missed it but i needed the break. I am so excited for this post, as ive been waiting of the day that Makeup Revolution come to South Africa.

I’ve been using the UK brand for the past 4/5 years now. They have 3 sub “brands” with the Makeup Revolution family. Revolution which is being launched in 4 days in South Africa across Selected Clicks Stores, my favourite I Heart Revolution which has the most beautiful Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow palettes, Heart shaped Baked Bronzers, Highlighters and Blush and the new addition to the family Revolution Pro.

I am hoping that I Heart Makeup also comes to South Africa. I have seen across Social Media that some people have bought their Revolution products from selected Clicks even though the official launch is 28September. Their prices aren’t bad considering the Pound to the Rand (20:1) i have compared prices. Some are surprising cheaper by R20 while others are R20 more expensive if you convert it directly

Hope you enjoy the post and happy shopping!

HIGHLIGHT – Strobe and Vivid Baked Highlighter in the shades:  Flash, Peach Lights, Matte Lights, Golden Lights, Radiant Lights, Everglow Lights, Gold Addict – R 89.95
HIGHLIGHT – Liquid Highlighter in the shades:  Unicorn Elixir, Liquid Starlight, Liquid Champagne and Luminous Gold – R149.95


HIGHLIGHT – Highlighter Palettes – Highlight, Radiance, Beyond Radiance – R169.95
BLUSH – Ultra Blush Palettes – Blush Queen and Golden Sugar – R139.95


GLOW – Ultra Pro Glow & Ultra Cool Glow – R230.00


CONCEAL – Conceal and Define Concealer – R 104.95
CONTOUR – Ultra Base Corrector Palette – R 164.95
CONTOUR – Iconic Lights & Contour Pro, Ultra Contour Palette and Ultra Cream Contour Palette – R169.95


BASE – Fast Base Stick Foundation – R109.95
BAKE AND FIX – Spray , Aqua Priming Base Spray, Sport Fix Spray, Illuminating Fix Spray and Pro – R139.95
BAKE AND FIX – Baking Oil – R134.95
BAKE AND FIX – Luxury Powder – Bake and Finish Powder, Luxury Banana Powder and Terracotta Baking Powder – R134.95


LIPS – Renaissance Lipstick – Shades: Highness, Greatness, Vow, Prime, Awaken, Vintage, Classic, Triumph – R94.95
LIPS – Rose Gold Lipsticks – Shades:  Red Carpet, Girls Best Friend, Diamond Life, Private Members Club, Lipstick Chauffeur – R79.95
LIPS KITS – Retro Luxe Kits – Shades:  Matte Grandee, Matte Regal – R 124.95


BROWS – Brow Tint – Shades: Taupe, Medium Brown, Dark Brown – R 149.95
BROWS – Brow Pomade – Shades:  … Brown, Dark Brown, Soft Brown, – R 149.95
BROWS – Duo Brow Definer – Shades:  Light Brown, Medium Brown – R 79.95
BROWS – Ultra Brow Palette – R 169.95
EYES – Renaissance Flick Eyeliner Pen – R 134.95


EYESHADOW PALETTE – Life on The Dance Floor Palettes – Shades:  VIP, Guestlist – R255.00


EYESHADOW PALETTE – Ultra 32 Flawless & Flawless Matte – R 220.00
EYESHADOW PALETTE – Redemption Iconic 1 & Iconic 3 – R 129.95


EYESHADOW PALETTE – Reloaded Palettes – Shades:  Newtrals 2, Iconic Fever, – R 129.95


EYESHADOW PALETTE – Sophx Eyeshadow Palette – R 250.00
EYESHADOW PALETTE – New-trals vs Neutrals – R 169.95


EYES – Flawless Foils – Shades:  Rebound, Rival, Rose Gold, Retreat, Conflict , Unicorn Foil- R 139.95







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