MAKEUP REVOLUTION: Fast Base Foundation Stick

Hi Everyone

I’m sure you all know the hype around Makeup Revolution since they launched in South Africa at Clicks stores. I’ve been using Makeup Revolution products for the past 3 years and they are honestly one of my favourite brands, so when i heard they were coming to SA i was so happy that i didnt have to wait for a friend or my boss to be flying between SA and the UK to bring me products.

Just before they launched in South Africa i had placed 3 orders on the Revolution Beauty website as well as Superdrug but i hadn’t ordered the Fast Base Foundation Stick, so i picked up 2 shades from Clicks. On the Revolution Beauty website they describe each shade, whether its for Light/Medium/Dark skin type and Natural/Yellow/Pink etc undertone.

I picked up the Shade F4 and F6. F4 is described for Light Skin with Natural Undertone and F6 is described for Light/Medium skin with a Yellow Undertone. Both colours didn’t suit me separately but together they matched my skin shade perfectly. Thought i had failed miserably until i applied both colours are blended.

I have tried a few types of moisturisers to use under this foundation, a matte moisturizer, one infused with argan oil as well as a normal oil free but not mattifying one and each time the results were different.

I tried blending with my fingers which didn’t work at all, i then attempted to use a makeup brush that just left bristle streaks. The best thing to use to blend the foundation was a dampened makeup sponge. I used my holy grail the purple Cala sponge that comes in the Dual Pack (with the small coral pink sponge).

The foundation blends beautifully. I have a combination to oily skin so i was very worried as i heard wasn’t great for my skin type, because its a dewy foundation it best suited dry skin types, but i put that aside as i’m not one not try something once. Hell why not, you only live once. I have tried this foundation with the Revolution Luxury Banana Baking Powder, the Revolution Bake and Finish Powder, but also my trusty and always within my reach, Yardley Absolute Translucent Loose Powder.

I tried this foundation stick on 3 different occasions to test out how the different types of moisturizers as well as the powders would work with this foundation. I tried it on all 3 of my double shifts (6am to 10pm), i applied my makeup at 5am and then took it off at 10pm – all 3 days were very warm days in Cape Town so i definitely put this foundation to the test.

Day One:  I tried a mattifying moisturizer with the RevolutionLuxury Banana Baking Powder all over my face and the Revolution Bake and Finish under my eye area. I need to be honest here but i hated the Bake and Finish Powder, it felt like i was applying maizena under my eyes, the powder was so thick and cakey. Definitely something i’m not used to. Around 11ish my skin started to look patchy and faded especially around my nose area, mouth area and cheeks, and for the 1st time in YEARS my skin felt oily

Day Two: I tried again tried the mattifying moisturizer to keep the oiliness at bay but this time decided to mix some of the Revolution Luxury Banana Baking Powder and mix it with my Yardley Absolute Translucent Loose Powder and apply it all over my face as well as my under eye area. Again after a few hours roughly 1pm again my face looked patchy, the foundation was fading and my skin felt oily.

Day Three: This time i went for a Normal Moisturizer (neither oil infused or mattifying) and this time only used my holy grail Yardley Absolute Translucent Loose Powder. This time the foundation lasted longer, think it was until 5-6pm it started to “crack” around my mouth area and look slightly patchy but my skin didn’t feel oily at all. Ok so i found the right combination.

I like this foundation, its got amazing coverage when you first apply it but i’m not so sure if i would repurchase it. I want to say i love it but i’m so undecided. Its unfortunately not the 1st foundation i would reach for on my vanity. Maybe if i just needed to run to the mall for a couple and then come home yes, but not for a full day out and about.

Its available for purchase at Clicks for R109.95 and comes in 18 shades.

What are your thoughts on this foundation stick? I would love to know, leave a comment below.


Have a great weekend

3 thoughts on “MAKEUP REVOLUTION: Fast Base Foundation Stick

  1. I love the post it’s really in-depth and informative. I like this foundation and it’s so cheap to buy here in the UK so it’s a winner for me xx

  2. I also didn’t like it much hey. The coverage wasn’t as good as I thought and it faded faster and more noticeably than other foundations
    You know the ones the fade in a more natural way, this 1 just looked so dry and like cracked

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