Hi Everyone

I am so happy that my order from both Superdrug and Revolution Beauty (the old Tam Beauty) has finally arrived. I dint order and get it couriered through the post office as customs are ridiculous. Im lucky enough that my boss flies between UK and SA and is able to bring me products.

Most of my order is when Superdrug has their 3 for 2 specials. I am a weakness for the I Heart Revolution Chocolate eyeshadow palettes. I already own 8 others.

All these products will be featuring in future review blog posts, Hope you enjoy!

Eyeshadow Palettes – Cotton Candy, Macaroons and Lemon Drizzle -£8.99

Foundation – Conceal and Define Full Coverage F2 / F4 / F6 – £9.00

Eyeshadow Palettes – Rose Gold Chocolate and Chocolate & Peaches -£8.99

Luxury Baking Powder – Lace – £5.00

Bronze and Blush Highlighter Duos – Bronze and Shimmer & Peach and Glow – £6.00

Lipsticks -£3.00 and £4.00 (Soph)

  1. Life on the Dance Floor Guest List in Stiletto, Potential and Head Turner
  2. Life on the Dance Floor After Party in Past Midnight, Not Going Home and Disobey
  3. Soph Nude Lipsticks in Cake, Syrup and Fudge

Eyeshadow Palettes – Flawless 3 Resurrection and Flawless 4 – £8.00 / R220.00 (Clicks)

Contour and Eyebrows – Freedom Contour – £3.50 //  Brow Pomade – £6.00 / R149.95 (Clicks)  //  Ultra Aqua Brow Tint – £2.00

Highlighter and Bronzer – Skin Kiss Highlighters in Golden Kiss Peach Kiss and Ice Kiss & Bronze Kiss – £5.00

Eyeshadow Palette – New-trals vs Neutrals – £6.99 / R169.95 (Clicks)

Retro Lux Lip Kits – Matte and Metallic in the shades Treason, Queen, Majesty, Regal, Reign, Noble, Echelon and We Rule -£6.00 / R124.95 (Clicks)

Eyeshadow Palette – Life On The Dance Floor Guest List – £10.00 / R 255.00 (Clicks)

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