Hi Everyone

Hope you having a great week so far. Eeek Black Friday is in 2 days! I’m not gonna go mad in terms of Food Stuff or Toiletries, even though i do need to pick up a few things, but i’ve got my eye on a couple things hoping they are on special for the Black Friday deals. What are you wanting to get?

Today i’m sharing my favourite blush right now, i’ve been using it for a solid month or so and i absolutely love it!

Lets talk packaging first…. I love Milani’s packaging of their products. I have this Blush, the Rose Powder Blush, the Baked Bronzer and as well as 2 Lipsticks. Its very sturdy, great quality and looks high end with their gold finishes. This Blush is a smaller version of the Baked Bronzer and Rose Powder Blush. Its about 3.5g but for its lack in size it sure packs a punch in the pigmentation department

When opening the Blush it has 2 compartments. The top part is where the Blush is housed and the bottom layer (as shown below) has a small mirror as well as a small flat brush. I could do without the Brush, honestly who even knows how to use this brush and how ??? lol

Ok…. now for the main attraction, the actual Blush itself. I have the shade (02) Rose D’Oro. The formula is creamy, there isn’t any excess powder that falls out when using a brush and wow does it pack a punch of colour. You literally only need to swipe lightly over the blush once with your brush and sweep it over your cheeks and you good to go for the rest of the day.

I don’t know how good this is lol…. but i got this Blush in October 2015 and its still going strong.

Milani Cosmetics is available in the USA and eventually made its way to our South African shores. They have a website HERE in SA and the Blush sells for R130.00

Hope you enjoyed my quick review. Have a great day

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