Hi Everyone

Hope you all having a great day so far. Today I’m sharing my love for Vera Wang perfumes, this week is the Preppy Princess

ABOUT  Preppy Princess  feels like a queen, feeling she was born to rule. The leader of a clique, educated, young and beautiful, she attends school on the Upper East Side and wears impeccable plaid clothing and a pearl necklace. It is a modern and fresh fragrance designed with the Queen Bee ideal in mind, a leader and a sophisticated trend setter who is young, smart and beautiful.

Top – Tangerine, Red Apple and Red Berries
Heart – Jasmine and Honeysuckle
Base – Woodsy Notes and Coconut

The fruity and floral combination is sensual and youthful and makes a great daytime fragrance.

Contained in the classic heart shaped Vera Wang perfume bottle with a trendy plaid design and pearl encrusted crown

WHERE TO BUY  Takealot for R425.00 ( at the time i paid R300 when they had their fragrance special)


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