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A friend recently went to the UK and new I wanted to try the Primark Private Collection of fragrances, people have said they are the dupes for the Jo Malone fragrances. Unfortunately, this friend wasn’t able to find the 100ml in any of the scents but did manage to get 2 of them in the 20ml and also picked up 4 others I didn’t know about

  • Bulgarian Rose is peppered with notes of warm praline and sandalwood for a sumptuous scent.
  • Powerful Orange Blossom invigorates and uplifts; a punchy fragrance with subtle honey tones.

>>> Both scents are from the Ingredients Collection, there is also Wild Patchouli & Fig and Blackcurrant in this Collection. They sell for £3.50 each


  • Encapsulate the romance of the French capital with Parisian Crush, a full-bodied fragrance featuring pear, rose, and vanilla tones

>>> Parisian Crush is from the Destination Collection, there are other scents included; LA Dreaming, New York Calling and Ibiza Escape

  • Peony and Love presents a bouquet of jasmine, magnolia, and patchouli, with a fresh hit of mandarin and subdued sandalwood.

>>> From the Mood Collection, which includes Peony and Love, there is also Iris and Bliss, Blossom and Calm & Neroli and Happy. They all sell for £3.50 each


  • As you can imagine, Jasmine & Honey has a holiday vibe about it. The citrus top notes lighten up the heady sandalwood, cedarwood and musk, making it calming and romantic
  • Mandarin & Basil is an instant classic. It’s refreshing and delicious, like a breeze in a summer sky, with the basil and pine leaves uniting with the mandarin and bergamot. This is said to the dupe of Jo Malone’s Lime, Basil & Mandarin

>>> In the Primark Private Collection there is also Pomegranate & Black Tea (dupe for Pomegranate Noir), Vanilla Absolute, Rose Oud, and Amber Noir (dupe for Oud and Bergamot), English Sage & Sea Salt (dupe for Wood Sage & Sea Salt) and Peony Blossom. They sell for £3.00 each for the 20ml and £8.00 each for the 100ml


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