ITS A NEW YEAR – Life Update 2020

Hi All

Wow!, It’s been a minute. I haven’t blogged since last year March. Last year was a lot. From my Dad’s cancer diagnosis to my buying a flat, 2019 was a lot to handle and I just didn’t have the drive or motivation to blog. I needed a detox from social media.

This year a LOT has changed. I’m settled in my flat, I bought a new car and then….. I was retrenched. My last official day was actually today. I have no idea what I’m going to do, I’m applying for jobs left, right and centre but not has come in yet. I’m honestly praying for a break. Let’s hope a better chapter comes my way this year. I need good news and good vibes.

I really want to start blogging again. Usual topics being beauty, but I also want to do more Lifestyle posts like the transformations from my flat as well as my love of books and reading which I slightly touched on last year but mostly my love for beauty and makeup.

Have a great day


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